Dal Price in Chennai

Dal Price in Chennai

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The cost of dals is soaring in Chennai. Arhar dal, a staple food in the north, has gone up to Rs 180 per kg in the retail market. Most other dals are at or above Rs 100 a kg, and most have increased by around 10 to 30 per cent since early September. The Delhi government has decided to step in and help ease the pressure on the people by selling four varieties of pulses at wholesale rates.

Moong dal is another common type of dal. Its yellow variety contains high levels of protein. Yellow Moong dal is sold by Siraskar Krushi Trading Company in Maharashtra. You can also find it in one-kilogram packages. Its price has not changed since the last update. If you’re looking for a quality dal, there are many different types to choose from.

The government will increase the price of dal to Rs 60 a kilogram by the end of the month. Besides this, they will sell urad and tur dals at Rs 120 per kg through mobile outlets in Chennai. The MMTC will continue to tender for the purchase of tur dal and chickpeas from overseas. They will purchase additional quantities of these pulses from these foreign sources.

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