Puro Salt Crystals – 100% natural, chemical-free, unrefined salt with 84 minerals., 1 kg Pouch Price

Puro Healthys full spectrum salt is enriched with 84 minerals and is free from any and all sorts of chemical processing and has no additives and no anti-caking agents. This All-Natural Salt is sourced from pristine, unpolluted, untouched natural resources, with no chemicals or additives and is brought to you straight from the very nature itself. It is highly recommended by health experts as it has 84 trace minerals like Potassium, Iron, Iodine, etc. and has a pH > 7 level which balances the acidic reflux in your body. Top chefs around the world also recommend this tasty salt due to its earthy and lasting taste. Granules of this salt are hand-mined and can be used for cooking, marinating or making dishes like chutney, sambhar, pickles, batter, etc. It is considered to be the best amongst various other salts in Ayurveda, as it has several benefits including improving digestion, heart health, eyesight & overall well-being.

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