Khushis Ayush Kadha, 100 g No Price

Ayush Kadha is Made From All the Rare spices from the origin of India and can also be known as the Indian remedy to boost Immunity, Drink Two Glasses of Aayush Kadha every day and boost up your immunity and stay healthy.

Tha makers of Khushi began their journey in 2013 and has since been serving Indian customers with its wide range of dehydrated vegetables, dry fruits, agriculture commodities, chilli products, turmeric products, herbs, other spices. With the current world scenario, people generally are inclined towards ready to cook food which needs less oil to cook. This helps people to save their time in a healthy way. We have worked relentlessly to serve this segment. All our products have a special touch and flavour of homemade food with natural and rich taste.

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